Twitter Marketing Strategy


Twitter is one of the most powerful tool for marketing on social networks today.
With over 320 million active users and over a billion tweets per day, twitter allows your brand, product or service to reach a huge amount of potential customers, creating a stable relationship with your customers, build your online rating.

Twitter is an extremely effective tool when it comes to spreading messages that affect the brand – fast and seamless communication.
It turns out that 78% of users in communication with Twitter brands is in the form of re-tweets while the direct connection in the form of responses was observed in only 22%. Twitter generates more traffic than any website on the internet, whilst users retain the ability to respond to the message, for example, to click on the shared link.
In fact, this is the choice of more than 92% of the users.

An interesting fact is that the “top hours” of communication in Twitter and Facebook are completely different – if the highest user engagement on Facebook is after working hours, then on Twitter these are the working days.
Possible reason for this is probably the fact that Facebook continues to be perceived as a “social network for fun” while Twitter is easier to communicate, faster and more business-oriented, not a minority of consumers admit they use it the main source of information to monitor headlines.

Twitter’s most powerful user activity is during the weekends, although only 19% of brands publish information then.
However they invest most reckless in their time posting on Wednesday and Thursday for example.

It is clear that the strongest days for brands in fashion are Saturday and Sunday.
Brands in the entertainment industry – Sunday and Monday, news sites – on Saturdays, companies offering sporting goods and articles should note weekends too.

If you have ever thought that the 140 characters that Twitter offers are too little according to Buddy Media even they are too many – the shorter and cleared’s a message more strongly engage the audience.

Publications on Twitter, which are under 100 characters are at least 17% more effective than those using the entire character set because leaving space to add comments from other users, and the ability to re-tweet.

Adding links and photos are among the others tips that we would gave you

If you’ve ever wondered what is the optimal amount of posts on the social network, limit them to no more than 5, including re-tweets that you make. It comes to publication from the business profile.
There are no such limitations on personal posts and communications which the most hardcore supporters of the social network lead.

Ask for re-tweet

If you don’t ask, the answer always will be “no”. it was our association when we came to this part of our experience.

Re-tweet reaction at Twitter is identical to that when asking Facebook users to click “like” button under an post.
The natural reaction is to like it, instinctive and very deliberately searched – tell them what to do and they will do it, these are the true followers of the brand,

And do not forget – be sure to use hashtags, just so you can distinguish the flow of messages about your brand or promotions among the entire stream.

Here are some useful and successful practices related to the twitter marketing.

1. Optimize your presentation at Twitter
Customize your presentation, so that users could understand quite clearly who you are and what you offer them.
Be sure to include a link to your website or your homepage.

2. Find out which are influential figures and experts among your target audience.
Make a list of persons and businesses whose audience is actually yours – journalists, bloggers, customers and others.
Follow them and likes their posts, comment on them.
In this way making your business or brand widely visible to the targeted audience, interacting with the most active of the day.
Be Casual and at the same time useful in interaction with them. Promote your business without being pushy.
Build relationships and do not miss the opportunity to work together.

3. Tweet often
Daily tweets are a sign of active and stable profile, and therefore business. Do not publish posts once a month, even weekly.
Twitter universe forget quickly. Do not let your followers to forget about you and your business.
Schedule your posts, engage their attention with interesting and useful content.
One of your main goals is still to invite your followers to like and re-tweet your tweet, allowing more users to hear about you.

4. Monitor the presentation at your business in twitter- #hashtag
One of the most important and useful things for successful twitter marketing is the proper use of hashtag.
Creating tweets, never forget to put hashtags. Through them, your posts are visible and easily detectable for more users in the social network.
There are many tools that will help you to optimize hashtags and could be useful to you.
Use customized hashtagove directly related to the service or product you offer.
In this way very easily and quickly with just one click, you can follow what has been the response of your followers and customers about you and your competition.
You can leave a comment to acquire a new fan. For example, if you are producer of live club artists , tracking hashtag “LiveClubEvents” in the area and come across the following tweet “should go to live club, but it turns really hard to make a reservation”, you can answer this way: “We look forward to be part of our events. We record an reservation for you quick and easy. Please contact us and provide your twitter username for confirmation”
One of the most useful tools for tracking and analyzing hashtags are RebelMouse, Tagboard, Talkwalker, Bundle Post and others.

5. Re-tweet and like the other users posts.
Do not be afraid to re-tweet your own or other tweets. In this way you bring in the twitter universe the importance of the link or message or followers demonstrate their commitment to different opinion.
When you re-tweet, we recommend you to take advantage of the option to comment under the re-tweet.
Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the option to share their content among with your re-tweet.
At the end of 2015, Twitter presented a new button – “heart”, allowing followers to express their commitment in the most convincing way – by Twitter likes. Like the tweets.
When you like and re-tweet your or other user’s tweets participate in the construction of public knowledge, necessary and useful for your social network.

6. Discounts and promotions
Organize twitter competitions such as: “The next 20 people who has re-tweeted
will receive a voucher for 20% discount if purchasing a ticket for the next event ” or invite your followers to publish selfie with one of your artists or musicians and customize your hashtag.
7. Use images and videos
Be visual. Tweets containing video or image receive 3-4 more clicks than usual.

8. Do not forget to integrate twitter in your overall marketing strategy.
Twitter Marketing, like other social networks is far more effective when it is integrated into your overall marketing strategy and included in all online marketing activities.

For example, if you organize twitter competition or promotion, send newsletter to all your subscribers from mailing list via email.
Remember that content is the most important these days. Share valuable information.
A good way to find interesting information and deliver grabbing content to your followers is to set up Google Alerts for certain related to your business niche topics.
This way you will post your tweets up to date, useful and searched information course refracted through the prism of your brand.