Instagram Marketing Strategy


The social network Instagram is probably best known web application vintage photo filters, allowing its users through your smartphone to upload images of whatever they want, with the possibility to use the awesome retro effects. Instagram is easy to use – you shoot with your phone, cut image, rotate if you want, choose a filter, apply it, share and ready. You can also add a frame if you wish, and save himself Instagram, you can share the finished result on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare. And last super Instagram innovation against Vine, is the ability to shoot 15 seconds video and share it, applying the same great retro effects.

This is super expressive social network where you can show not only the best of your surroundings, but everything related to your business, which can be shot. This social network has a great potential.

With this social tool where meets one can say middle class and above audience can also encourage personal brand, but also use Instagram as an additional channel for promoting commercial activity!

If you want to attract more followers or call them fans to like your Instagram photos and monitor your activities there,

… Here’s what you should do

Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account

This is perhaps the most obvious way that you can develop your business here in this social network and that’s why you should do it.

The fact is that currently over 30% of all users of the service also enjoy daily in the most popular at the moment social network Facebook.

When connecting the two profiles your Facebook friends will notice it and start following you on Instagram.

Have you noticed that if you use a smartphone such as an iPhone or Android and you have installed Instagram app, if someone of your Facebook friends join this social network, the screen display notification about it!

Based on data from the profiles of some of the most popular bloggers in the world, about 3% of your Facebook friends will start to follow you also in Instagram, because of this social bridge.
If you start posting status updates on Facebook, inviting people to follow you there, this percentage could rise to 5%.

The connection you can make from your mobile. The steps are as follows:

Sign into your Instagram account and at the top right, choose to enter its options. From there, select Preferences → Share Settings → choose which social network to connect.

It is important to know that you can connect fan page – a great opportunity to combine the 2 marketing systems.

So as soon as you post something Instagram account associated with your business, it will appear on your fan page. Therefore consider well whether you want to connect them!

Use popular tags – hashtags!

Just like in Twitter, Pinterest, and recently in Facebook, Instagram users can use and prefer certain labels / hashtags before others.

If you use the more popular ones in the photos is much more likely to be detected by other users liked and shared.

This also applies for the benefit of your business if you promote there!

Here are 20 of the most popular tags in Instagram:


Let to bring some clarity to the use of hashtags on Instagram. To use tags for your account there, follow these simple steps:

Open Instagram from your mobile device and take a picture of whatever you want.
Choose your filter and insert frame if you want.
Enter the hashtag in the box at the top of text of the image. Share it
If you want to add a hashtag to already uploaded photo from your profile, just click on the comment box and type the hashtag.
In your mobile phone has a search engine hashtag, but your web profile does not! We encourage you to work with Instagram through your phone!

Once you’ve tagged a photo with the desired label by clicking heshtag / say it is one of the top list / will take you to other users who also use this tag to your photos.
I think this is the most appropriate to use popular tags such as 20 of the list that you see above, since there are concentrated most potential users to see your photographs.

Use popular filters

Similar to the use of the most popular hashtags, which will give you a better chance of exposing your photos, users prefer to put some specific filters on the photos.

10 most popular filters that you can use:


Instagram users prefer to like photos than to post comments

If you want your images to get more likes and comments should begin to engage with other users.

And before you do this, the first thing you must understand is that people in Instagram prefer to like rather than to comment.

Every second entering 575 new likes and 81 comments. However, if you have time to comment on someone else’s profile, just do it!

So people will be much more willing to come back and not only return you the favor by also comment on your photo, but there are 401% more likely to follow you,

… than if they just like the picture.

When you Like the photos of other Instagram users, you might get more fans and likes

There is nothing surprising or strange. This is quite logical and is inherent in all social networks.

The right moment for publishing Instagram images is very important.

By an analysis of 46 users and over 1000 photos it appears that on Monday at 17: 00h is the best time to post photos.

This, according to this test is the time when there is most likely to get many comments and likes on your Instagram photos.

Naturally, you should not take these values as a mantra.

It is good to experiment because most of advice about the correct timing for sharing in social networks come from analysts overseas and among other audiences.

Rather take them as a guideline or starting point and always make tests!

So, the second most popular Time, which is best to post photos is Wednesday and Thursday at 15: 00h.

It is also good to know that each photo after launch is most active during the first three hours.
46.15% of all comments occur within the first hour, 69.23% of all comments in the photo are within the first three hours.

The first three hours of the publication of the photo are the most important.

So if you don’t get good results within the first three hours after publication, it probably will not get such an interaction and later.

Should we post something personal?

Oh yes, it is recommended!

From a survey which analyzed more than 1,000 photos, which are displayed style and lifestyle in the form of cars, houses, luxury items, as well as photos of some personal moment released that …

… Receive more attention from other photos.

Photos that do not contain either of these two factors – lifestyle and personal thing, it is likely to receive about 11.4% less Instagram likes.

Combine a series of images

Lately it appears modern and effective to combine multiple images into one. This effect can create using an external application.
You will have the opportunity to create great combinations of images in the form of collages, so you get this modern Instagram effect account in the best way.

It is important to know that the combined images as these tend to receive with 19.41% more likes and 22.4% more comments than other single photos.

And if you want to get more attention, take a moment to make some spectacular images perhaps in the form of a short story, then combine them into a single image.