Facebook Marketing Strategy


You have Facebook Page that you want to reach more people? Or just want more visits to your personal account? We will offer several options how this could happen.
Facebook has a special algorithm by which monitors the severity of your posts.
What does this mean? It is important what you post and what significance it has.
If it appeal to more people, provoking them to share, comment and like. It means that your post is more important and will be released in the News Feed to your friends.
Facebook helps this type of posts to go to the news wall of your friends and it will be in your advantage.
Strive to post things that will be beneficial to the people who will provoke them to express their personal opinions and share them to their friends and you will have success with your experience and your page will be visited by more people.

When you post a link, try to remove the automatically generated image and upload your own photo to the correct format.
Using fullsize own photo instead of automatically generated, you will differentiate yourself.
The pictures always collect more attention (layks, comments, shares and visits) than the links themselves.

Ensure success by using own image, because very often automatically generated are not working or are irrelevant to the topic.
Another thing that should note is that if you use a tool like Hootsuite, to schedule posts, the system uses the generated image of the link, so you will need to upload your own picture through the control panel in the same way as in Facebook navigation.
Remember, give priority to images rather than the links every single time!

Image and quote – the secret formula of success
Be interesting and entertaining to fans. Use the right images that are tied to the context of your post.
No matter what kind of your business is, you can always find inspirational quotes to help you highlight your vision.
When you combine these quotes with an image, you get the secret formula of success on Facebook.
People love inspirational thoughts and quotes. It is the content that is shared most on the Internet.
There are Instagram accounts with millions of followers which publish only beautiful photos with inspirational quotes.
This is a great opportunity to increase your Facebook posts likes, shares and comments on your page.

Users of social networking love to answer questions and express their opinions.
Consider that some of the most successful Facebook campaigns are based on a simple question as “Who looks better?” Or “Sexy or not?”

It does not need your business to be associated with the fashion industry to succeed with this tactic.
Make your post to be realted to the products or services which you offer. A simple question as “Which product would prefer to have – this or that?”
And of course do not forget to provide additional information in details to describe and present what you offer.

Asking simple questions that require short answers especially when they are supported by visual element like a picture will increase the interactivity of your posts enormously.

Following the example of asking questions, if you often request help from your Facebook audience can bring you great results.
People love to give their opinion and when you ask them to help you make a decision for your office or a product or service or whatever, you will get quite empathy.

Ultimately, it is the most valuable, which gives a page in Facebook: the creation of community and commitment of this community to the cause, subject, product or service that provides your page.
If you want to build a strong community around your Facebook Page, be sure to inquire of your audience all the time.

When your fans post comments, like or share your post, how you react to their interactions?
Must lead the conversation in the comments section and answer every comment, even if it is negative (unless aggressive or insulting, in which case you should delete it to keep your community clean).

If you maintain and have a conversation with your audience, you will be able to zoom in and build stable relationships, based on which will increase your Facebook presence.

1. The most important thing is to post at the right time – “peak time”.
In the admin panel of your page, there are many statistics that can help you determine when it’s rush hour and when most people visit your page.
This is the right time to post!

2. Be creative.Do not strive to make as many posts, strive to create quality posts.
An nice post can have a much larger effect than 10-15 empty posts. Fact!

3. Use attractive photos, videos, quotes, etc. Things that catch the eye.

4. When you create certain posts, note the time and season. Note down interesting upcoming events, upcoming holidays, etc.

5. Be interesting and entertaining to fans. Use the right images that are tied to the context of your post.

6. Keep it short – no one likes to read long posts. There are studies showing that 3 lines of text is more liked and shared, than the long positions.
Create clear and concise posts, with a precise message.

7. Always place yourself on the side of fans. Before you make a post, ask yourself “If I’m a fan, would you comment and share this post? ‘.
This will help in the selection of creation of the post.

8. Give advice on certain topics where you feel competent. It has been proved that the articles related to learning, appeal to people and they share them with their friends.
This will encourage them and to questions for you if something is not clear. We look and relationship with fans.
The public discussion on an issue is very important for the severity of a post.

9. Share your posts in the form of lists. For example, “10 reasons to visit or 7 Ways to …” There is evidence that appeal to people.

10. Make posts that have appeal to your fans to share the given post. Most of them would have done if you ask them properly.